Kerala Budget: What is the Kuttanad package and its importance 

Kerala’s Finance Minister Thomas Isaac announced that 750 crores would be used under the Wetland Development Project as Raipur News. It is the third time the government has declared Kuttanade Package. Kerala is a very large rice production state far beyond the other forms of India.

Kerala is at the forefront of State Education, with the highest literacy rate. Its place Kuttanad is also said as the Rice Bowl of Kerala due to being further in rice production. Last year ISAAC announced ₹ 1000 for this area. If you do not have much idea about Kuttanade Package, let us know about Kuttanade Package.

What is Raipur News? 

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The first time in 2008 was announced Raipur News was for the Kuttanad area of Kerala. This place is very well known for the high production of rice. The area is always affected by the flood; it is impossible to cultivate in the flood-affected area unless the floodwater is removed.

From the Central Government, 2139.8 crores budget was sanctioned to start farming in this area. In addition to restoring the ecology in the field and making it flood-free, this amount was termed as Raipur News.

The biggest contribution in Raipur News was from MS Swaminathan, a renowned scientist in this region. This package failed due to improper implementation of this budget, and its second-biggest reason was that the government department could not properly coordinate with each other.

Improper implementation was blamed for the Failure of this budget caused crop destruction and repetition of the flood.

Scheme NameRaipur News
Launched ByCentral Government
Sanctioned Budget 2139.8 crores
BeneficierKattanad People
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Whare is Kuttanad – the Rice Bowl of Kerala? 

Kuttanad: The Rice Bowl of Kerala is located in the center of the Back Water of the Alappuzha district. The reason for this magnificent name is that the paddy crop is abundant. It is a very large area which is reclaimed as land. Its rural areas appear to be breathtaking, which lets anyone’s mind. 

|It is the only place in the world where it is cultivated by 2 meters below sea level, giving four major rivers to the area: Pampa, Meenachil, Anchkovil and Manimala.

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MS Swaminathan Committee Recommendations 

Swaminathan Committee made various recommendations, which the most prominent suggestions are: 

To stop farmer’s suicide

In the Swaminathan Committee report, it is also included to solve the problem of the suicide of farmers, establish an in the state-level organization that solves the issues related to the farmers, emphasizes improving the situation of financial insurance also includes. In this report, the MSP has been offered to keep 50 percent more than the average cost so that small farmers will also enhance their income. 

The minimum amount of MSP should not be limited to just a few crops, but the government should implement more crops. Under this report, there is also a plan to start a rural knowledge center to aware farmers to stop suicide.

Recommendation related to irrigation 

Recommendations for irrigation

Every farmer should receive the right amount of water for cultivation; it promotes the water shade project and provides a Rain Water Harvesting facility.

Land reform

According to this report, different land reforms have been emphasized, providing space to graze animals in tribal areas, the surplus, useless land among landless people, and the national land advice Service.

Recommendation related to crop insurance

Farmers should easily receive financial facilities and banking facilities. Government should give loans at affordable rates and interest to them at an interest rate of less than 4%, included in the report. They should not be forced to pay the loan, and they should have the freedom to pay the loan when they can pay. The government should start agricultural relief funds for natural disasters.

Increasing recommendation

This report also included the development of technology related to cultivation to increase farming production, soil investigation, and conservation and maintain the soil’s fertility power from time to time. It has also been included to increase public investors to investigate and join through the road.

Recommendation related to food security

Creating Community Food and Water Bank and National Food Guarantee Law Recommendations also increases food availability.

Why does flood affect the Kuttanad? 

Scientists researched the flood coming in this area; they revealed from the study conducted in 1989 that Kuttanad comes back to the flood some time in a while. This time interval is two years, five years, ten years, 25 years and 50 years. The floods in 10 years are very dangerous, but those who increase fewer intervals are less harmful. The last time Kuttanad had flooded was in 2018, which was frightening.

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