IPL 2022: Schedule,Match Dates,Teams & Venue.

TATA IPL 2022: The next schedule of the world’s biggest cricket league Indian Premier League (IPL) has been finalized. IPL 2022 is likely to start in Chennai from April 2. Friends. IPL 2022 is going to be very special, because this time a total of 10 teams will take part in the tournament,  With the addition of 2 new teams. Ahmedabad and Lucknow. the number of matches will increase from 60 to 74, During this time all the teams will play 14-14 matches, in which seven matches are to be played at their home ground and seven matches are to be played at the home ground of the opposition team.

Kolkata will face Chennai in the first match, it has also been agreed in the BCCI that the next season is going to last for more than 60 days. The final match will happen in the first week of June, whose tentative date is June 3. Earlier, BCCI secretary Jay Shah had said that the 15th season of the IPL is going to be very important.He had said that I know that you all have been waiting for a long time to watch the match in Chepauk. It’s not too far now. This time all IPL matches will be played in India.The addition of two new teams will add to the excitement of the IPL.

TATA IPL Overview

IPL 2022 Schedule2 April 2022 — 3 June 2022
HostBCCI i.e. Board of Control for
Cricket in India
Hosting CountryIndia
Match Format20 Overs (T20)
IPL 2022 First Match2 April 2022
IPL Final Match3 June 2022
Number Of Teams10
Number Of Total Matches74
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TATA IPL 2022 Schedule

IPL 2022: Total 74 T20 IPL matches will be played in IPL 2022 and IPL 2022 will have 10 teams,the dates for the next season of IPL have been revealed. BCCI Secretary Jay Shah has revealed, IPL matches will be started from 2nd April 2022, and IPL will be finished by the first week of June, and let us also tell you that the IPL tournament will be played in India only, we will tell you through this post. all the details like which city will host for Tata IPL and what is the TATA IPL Schedule.

Along with this, BCCI will also work on Plan B. Jay Shah said, BCCI has not compromised on health and safety in the past and will also work on Plan B as the COVID-19 situation persists, according to BCCI Plan B is South Africa.The BCCI has not yet finalized the fixtures, and an official announcement about the tournament. However, we have included a preliminary IPL Schedule 2022 in this article. Check out the IPL 2022 Schedule, Teams, Venue, Time, Retention Rules, and other information. Ten teams will compete in 74 matches over the course of 60 days in the IPL 2022

IPL 2022 Schedule

TATA IPL Predictable Schedule 2022

Match noMatch CentreDateTime (IST)Venue
1CSK Vs KKR02-Apr-227:30 PMChennai
2SRH Vs RR03-Apr-227:30 PMHyderabad
3Ahmedabad Vs RCB04-Apr-227:30 PMAhmedabad
4DC Vs MI05-Apr-227:30 PMDelhi
5Lucknow Vs PBKS06-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
6KKR Vs SRH07-Apr-227:30 PMKolkata
7RR Vs DC08-Apr-227:30 PMJaipur
8RCB Vs MI09-Apr-223:30 PMBangalore
9Lucknow Vs Ahmedabad09-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
10PBKS Vs CSK10-Apr-223:30 PMMohali
11SRH Vs RCB10-Apr-227:30 PMHyderabad
12MI Vs Ahmedabad11-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
13DC Vs KKR12-Apr-227:30 PMDelhi
14CSK  Vs  RCB13-Apr-227:30 PMChennai
15SRH  Vs  PBKS14-Apr-223:30 PMHyderabad
16RR  Vs  KKR14-Apr-227:30 PMJaipur
17Lucknow  Vs DC15-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
18Ahmedabad  Vs  CSK16-Apr-223:30 PMAhmedabad
19DC Vs  SRH16-Apr-227:30 PMDelhi
20RCB Vs RR17-Apr-223:30 PMBangalore
21MI  Vs  Lucknow17-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
22KKR  Vs  Ahmedabad18-Apr-227:30 PMKolkata
23PBKS  Vs RR19-Apr-227:30 PMMohali
24MI  Vs  CSK20-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
25KKR  Vs  RCB21-Apr-227:30 PMKolkata
26DC Vs  PBKS22-Apr-227:30 PMDelhi
27SRH  Vs  MI23-Apr-223:30 PMHyderabad
28RR  Vs  Ahmedabad23-Apr-227:30 PMJaipur
29CSK  Vs  Lucknow24-Apr-223:30 PMChennai
30DC Vs  RCB24-Apr-227:30 PMDelhi
31Lucknow  Vs  CSK24-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
32Ahmedabad  Vs  SRH26-Apr-227:30 PMAhmedabad
33KKR  Vs  PBKS27-Apr-227:30 PMKolkata
34RR  Vs  MI28-Apr-227:30 PMJaipur
35RCB Vs  Lucknow29-Apr-227:30 PMBangalore
36Ahmedabad  Vs  DC30-Apr-223:30 PMAhmedabad
37MI  Vs  PBKS30-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
38RR  Vs  Lucknow01-May-223:30 PMJaipur
39CSK  Vs  SRH01-May-227:30 PMChennai
40DC Vs  Ahmedabad02-May-227:30 PMDelhi
41SRH  Vs  KKR03-May-227:30 PMHyderabad
42CSK  Vs RR04-May-227:30 PMChennai
43Lucknow  Vs  MI05-May-227:30 PMMumbai
44Ahmedabad  Vs  KKR06-May-227:30 PMAhmedabad
45SRH  Vs  DC07-May-223:30 PMHyderabad
46RCB Vs  PBKS07-May-227:30 PMBangalore
47KKR  Vs  CSK08-May-223:30 PMKolkata
48MI  Vs  DC08-May-227:30 PMMumbai
49RCB Vs  Ahmedabad09-May-227:30 PMBangalore
50PBKS  Vs  Lucknow10-May-227:30 PMMohali
51RR  Vs  CSK11-May-227:30 PMJaipur
52PBKS  Vs  MI12-May-227:30 PMMohali
53SRH  Vs  Lucknow13-May-227:30 PMHyderabad
54RR  Vs  RCB14-May-227:30 PMJaipur
55CSK  Vs  DC15-May-223:30 PMChennai
56Ahmedabad  Vs  PBKS15-May-227:30 PMAhmedabad
57MI  Vs  SRH16-May-227:30 PMMumbai
58RCB Vs  KKR17-May-227:30 PMBangalore
59PBKS  Vs  DC18-May-227:30 PMKolkata
60Ahmedabad  Vs RR19-May-227:30 PMIndore
61KKR  Vs  MI20-May-227:30 PMKolkata
62Lucknow  Vs  SRH21-May-223:30 PMLucknow
63PBKS  Vs  RCB21-May-227:30 PMKolkata
64CSK  Vs  Ahmedabad22-May-223:30 PMChennai
65Lucknow  Vs  KKR22-May-227:30 PMLucknow
66MI  Vs RR23-May-227:30 PMMumbai
67PBKS  Vs  SRH24-May-227:30 PMKolkata
68DC Vs  Lucknow25-May-227:30 PMDelhi
69RCB Vs  CSK26-May-227:30 PMBangalore
70KKR  Vs RR27-May-227:30 PMKolkata
71Qualifier-129-May-227:30 PMMumbai
72Eliminator30-May-227:30 PMMumbai
73Qualifier-2 01-Jun-227:30 PMChennai
74FINAL03-Jun-227:30 PMChennai

TATA IPL 2022 New Team

IPL 2022: Friends, this time you know that two new teams have joined the IPL, in Tata IPL 2022 you will see 10 teams playing instead of 8 teams. Two teams have been selected as Lucknow and Ahmedabad for TATA IPL 2022, KL Rahul is captain for Lucknow team and on the other hand Hardik Pandya is for Ahmedabad’s IPL team captain.

TATA IPL Team List 2022

There are total 10 teams for TATA IPL 2022.

  • Chennai Super Kings 
  • Kolkata Knight Riders 
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad 
  • Kings XI Punjab
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Lucknow 
  • Ahmedabad

Which TV Channels will Broadcast the TATA IPL 2022

TATA IPL 2022 will telecast live on Star Sports Network. The leading Indian broadcaster has guaranteed that the matches will be shown in multiple languages ​​and across multiple network channels.The IPL 2022 game will stream live on Disney+ Hotstar Insidesport.co will also offer real-time updates.

We hope that after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of the new TATA IPL 2022 dates and games, as well as the teams and squads.


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